Each of the packages on the pricing page has a different amount of users and areas, if none of these packs are suitable then please contact us and we can arrange a bespoke package that will fulfil your requirements.
Our apps are free and unlimited for your staff so you can have as many with the app as you need.
The isitchecked system has been designed from the outset to cope with a member of staff working for more than one of our clients, the staff member should log in as normal to the app and the system will ensure that the data for each of their employers is segregated accordingly.
We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and will always endeavour to meet any of your requirements, contact us with your ideas or requirements and we will be more than happy to discuss them with you.
Without good record keeping more and more businesses are finding that they are unable to defend litigation against them, isitchecked.com is tested to be robust and capable of providing defence data to protect your business and reduce your insurance premiums and excess payments.
Absolutely, isitchecked.com removes the need for paper records - 99% of which are never viewed or accesed once completed. isitchecked.com allows the storage of hundreds of thousands of records that you can access at any time when required.
A part of the system creates 'Notifications' which work around how you want the checks made. If you specify a check should be made every 30 minutes, but allow 15 minutes grace for the check, if that check is NOT completed then the Manager is informed. This ensures that the checklist cannot be missed.
Any type of checklist from simple press button confirmations, entering a fridge or freezer temperature, text entry or tick boxes. If something is not currently available contact us and we will enjoy helping you.
Reports can be generated in PDF or CSV format and downloaded to your device, they can then be emailed to your insurers, loss adjusters or Local Environmental Health Officer.