How it works

How it works is based on a number of technologies that we have combined into a complete solution for your business checklist needs.

Our system allows you to create any number of areas or zones within your premises that you require to be part of a checklist, each of these areas will have a unique QR code, a type of barcode, assigned to it.

You can assign a number of choices to each of your areas, each set of choices are unique to each group of employees that you have.

Each area can also be assigned a schedule that enables you to set which days and times that each of your groups of employees is required to check an area, you can also set a tolerance level e.g. you can set an area that should be checked every hour but with a tolerance of an additional half an hour.

After this time has passed, the system will alert your selected group of employees, such as managers or supervisors, that this check has been missed.

Each member of your staff can download our app onto their smart phone for free and setup a free account to enable them to start checking your lists within seconds.